Unlocking the global benefits of RPO.

Unlocking the global benefits of RPO.

Rethinking permanent recruitment by helping a pharma company to access cost savings across seven countries.

The challenge

A global pharma company – with more than 47,000 employees – was highly reliant on external talent across seven locations in APAC. They were searching for a more efficient and cost-effective way to engage the right people.

The solution

We created a personalised RPO (recruitment process outsourcing) solution designed to support the client’s unique recruitment needs across seven countries – Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, and South Korea.

The result

We have been able to transform the way this global organisation engages important talent across APAC, delivering cost savings of S$500,000.

Reimagining access to talent.

This global pharma giant – one of the top 20 pharma organisations in the world – was almost completely dependent on outside talent agencies in APAC. We worked closely with them to understand their needs and challenges, and to develop a customised RPO solution that delivered significant cost-savings and process efficiencies. We also brought in a dedicated team to support the program – including recruiters, sourcing specialists, and a program manager. By building a transparent and trusted relationship with stakeholders across the business, we have been able to deliver impressive results:


Cost savings of S$500,000 in the first year.


An average of 46% in cost savings per hire.


78% of mid to senior-level positions filled by non-agency hires.


Reduced reliance on agencies from 80% to 22%.

Increasing communication and transparency.

From the very start, we established touchpoints and action plans to boost talent communication and transparency across the business. This enabled managers and stakeholders to have greater visibility into the recruitment process and to understand how and where we were filling roles successfully. This built confidence in the program and helped to drive engagement.

Delivering on efficiency.

By building and implementing best practice across all seven locations, our team was able to drive a more efficient and joined-up approach to permanent recruitment. Our talent consultancy has helped to shape this approach through expert advice and guidance at every step. We also developed a well-managed talent pool to accelerate access to great candidates. These efficiencies quickly delivered cost savings – more than S$500,000 was saved in the first year of the program, with 78% of mid to senior-level positions filled by non-agency hires.

Providing support at scale.

This multi-country RPO program stretches across a wide geographic area – Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, and South Korea. Our global expertise has helped us to understand and support the nuances of each of these talent markets, while still developing joined-up processes that support transparency and efficiency. We are always working to improve and refine the program and look forward to continuing to support this life-changing organisation.


Our value


Supporting access to great talent.


Delivering on cost savings and efficiency.


Providing truly global support.


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