Talent Leadership in Action (TLIA)

December 1, 2020
London, England

Our quarterly talent leadership event hosted at the Shard London brings together the brightest senior leaders in talent to talk WHAT’S NEXT in the future of work, challenge talent perceptions, and enjoy some of the best views in the capital.

At KellyOCG we #DitchTheScript on the issues that matter. This means that we don’t tread the same old talent ground. We don’t rehash the conversations you have heard before. We look at the challenges we face as an industry in a new light. Partnering with extraordinary speakers to spark conversations and debate that lead to fresh ideas.

This interactive event starts at 09:30 and runs through to 13:00. It is followed by a networking lunch.

Come prepared to be challenged. To connect with old faces and new. To think differently around the biggest challenges in talent.

Come for the big views, stay for the big ideas.

Our 2020 dates: 

  • 17th March
  • 9th June
  • 29th September
  • 1st December
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From Past TLIA Events

5 Talent Rules to Unlearn

At a TLIA (Talent Leaders in Action) event in London, we heard from talent leaders who have chosen to do things differently. To embrace ground-breaking ways of sourcing, interacting with, and supporting the people in their organisations. We believe that in a world of work that is rapidly evolving, the status quo is no longer good enough.

This content is derived from our TLIA session on becoming a force for change in contingent talent.

Inclusion & Diversity: Thinking Beyond the Tick box

At a recent Talent Leadership in Action (TLIA) event, we were thrilled to welcome speakers from Movement to Work, a charity that works with employers and young people to break the ‘no job – no experience’ cycle that is faced by thousands of young jobseekers.

This content was derived from our TLIA session on diversity & inclusion.

The Rise of the Flexible Workforce

We talk about the new flexible workforce all the time. Contingent talent, the gig economy, freelancers, these are all buzz words that we throw around with abandon, sprinkling them into our conversations, presentations, and emails without a second thought.

But how often do we step back and think about the people behind the talent story? The people that, for a variety of reasons, have left behind the 9 to 5 for something truly flexible.

This content was derived from our TLIA session on the new world of the worker.

Total Talent Management: The Great HR vs Procurement Debate

Our perspective on talent has shifted. In a world where the gig economy thrives and organisations must move quickly to keep pace with competition, the traditional approaches to Talent Management need to evolve.

But who should be driving these changes? We look at two key stakeholders - HR and Procurement – to find out how they could (and should!) contribute to a successful Talent Story within your organisation.

This content was derived from our TLIA session on total talent management.

Statement of Work in Practice

As contingent and freelance talent become the new normal, creating a smart approach to SOW (Statement of Work) matters more than ever.

By taking a practical, value-based approach to SOW you can transform your use of borrowed talent.

This content was derived from our TLIA session on statement of work.

Digital Disruption in Talent

Holding on to the status quo isn’t an option anymore. The world is moving and your business needs to move with it. Not sure where to start?

We’ve looked under the cover of the digital machine to bring you a practical guide to understanding and dealing with digital disruption.

This content was derived from our TLIA session on digital disruption.

The Independent Contractor Conundrum

This paper will examine the drivers, challenges, and questions surrounding the rise of the independent contractor and outline KellyOCG’s vision of how we move forward, together.

This content was derived from our TLIA session on independent contractors.