Innovating Your External Workforce Approach

Innovating Your External Workforce Approach

In 1998, a groundbreaking study by McKinsey & Co. identified the "war for talent" as a strategic business challenge and a critical driver of corporate performance. When the dot-com bubble burst two years later and the global economy cooled, many assumed the war for talent was over. It's not.

Instead, according to the latest research, the global war for talent is intensifying and becoming more complex. Research by Ardent Partners shows that 95 percent of organizations today perceive their contingent workforce as important and vital — not only to day-to-day operations — but also to ultimate enterprise success and growth. According to Ardent’s research report, “State of Contingent Workforce Management 2015-2016: The Future of Work Is Here,” nearly 35 percent of today’s global workforce consists of non-employee workers, including temporary workers, freelancers, statement-of-work (SOW)-based labor, independent contractors, and other non-FTE categories.

Considering the diverse skill sets and specialized knowledge represented by this multifaceted extended workforce, Ardent estimates that by 2017, 25 percent of total “talent” will be primarily concentrated in the contingent workforce. Ardent further predicts that organizations around the world will place more emphasis on finding the best-fit skill sets for critical initiatives.

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