Shifting The Talent Equation

The free agent workforce is rapidly reshaping the 21st-century labor market. Gone are the days when a person worked for a single employer their entire life. Today, one in three workers are confidently moving between jobs, temporary contracts, and freelance projects that interest them. Cherishing freedom, flexibility, and work life balance, these talented professionals are determined to call the shots in their own careers, always contemplating the next gig.

The way that organizations acquire and manage talent is being fundamentally disrupted as the free agent work style takes hold. Recognizing that free agents are embracing new ways to network—and to find and complete assignments—many organizations are now embracing online talent communities (OLTCs) to access a skilled pipeline of independent labor. Once they’re engaged through the digital platform, these independent workers can be matched to remote or in person work opportunities, or in some cases recruited to an organization’s private “bench”. A major benefit for organizations that self-source free agents is the ability to ramp up operations for short periods and reduce the use of recruiting agencies. This can potentially save them thousands of dollars.

Drawing on our partnerships with leading communities including Upwork™, Catalant, Work Market, and Elevate Direct, this white paper explores fresh insights on this talent phenomenon that no organization can afford to ignore. Download now.

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Shifting Talent