Technology in the Talent Supply Chain

Ongoing technological advancements continue to disrupt entire organizations—from how they connect with customers, to how their internal processes are structured, to how they attract, use, and retain talent. Considering the volume of information, the high expectations, and the inevitable disruption associated with these new technologies, it’s understandable that many leaders in HR, procurement, and other talent acquisition roles are overwhelmed. Many are asking questions such as:

  • How will technology disrupt our industry?
  • What opportunities and threats will it create?
  • What type of talent do we need now, and how will that need change in the future?
  • How can I stay on top of this disruption, and what role should I play for my company?

To help answer these questions and navigate the rapidly evolving talent landscape, KellyOCG has invested considerable resources into researching the impact of disruptive technologies on the talent supply chain. 

In this white paper, you'll discover how we apply those learnings to clients that are early adopters to unlock new forms of value. Furthermore, we’ll explore how we're collaborating with innovative partners that are developing new technologies to solve the next wave of business problems before they arrive. Download now.

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Tech in Talent