The Strategy of Winners

The resourcing industry is increasingly being asked to expand Managed Service Provider (MSP) programs to supplement an organization’s in-house procurement capability; and particularly with respect to labor based Statement of Work (SOW) services. But to deliver ‘impactful procurement’ in these areas requires more than just expanding MSP process discipline. In parallel, it requires a concerted focus on ‘maximizing value received’, rather than simply ‘minimizing the price paid’.

We believe that by anchoring their approach to the achievement of business outcomes, an organization will dramatically increase its return on investment (ROI) in labor based SOW services – and it is always ROI that ultimately makes the biggest difference between success and failure in the marketplace.

For KellyOCG, SOW effectiveness is about maximizing results, delivering the best economic value, and establishing a cohesive way of working between Procurement, Operations, and HR. We call it the Strategy of Winners. 

This white paper explores this Strategy of Winners and what SOW really means for KellyOCG, our partners, and our clients. Download now.

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Strategy of Winners