Why the Contingent Conundrum is Now a C-Suite Issue

Why the Contingent Conundrum is Now a C-Suite Issue

In their 2016 study, “The Future of MSP, Next Generation Workforce Management”, Everest Group described the emergence of four new attributes in the Managed Service Provider proposition: full lifecycle SOW (Statement of Work) management, alternate sourcing solutions, total talent management, and advanced engagement models. Without doubt, these new attributes will add significant potency to an MSP solution (including ours at KellyOCG). But that said, they are still anchored to the benefits axis of providing visibility, control, and cost savings.

The key question is: are these extended MSP services going to be visionary enough in the new world of work? Frankly, we don’t think so.

Despite their obvious usefulness, the target audience for these initiatives will be those organizations that principally view their contingent workforce as a cost which needs to be better managed. They will offer less appeal to those organizations that view their contingent workforce as a way to generate sustainable competitive advantage.

As the author H. Jackson Browne once said, “Don’t be afraid to go out on a limb. That’s where the fruit is.” In 1946 William Russell Kelly went out on a limb. He launched a business service bureau where customers could “borrow” his staff to deliver office support. He found the fruit that paved the way for the modern day staffing industry.

Seventy years later, we at KellyOCG are breaking the mold once again. We believe it is time for more transformative thinking around the future role and scope of an MSP proposition. This white paper summarizes why this topic has become increasingly more important to the C-Suite. Download now.


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