High Volume, Tight Deadline? No Problem

High Volume, Tight Deadline? No Problem

KellyOCG’s external labor market insights lead a life insurance company to the identification of a new contact center location and the ability to attract the right talent, at the right volume, at the right time.

The Affordable Care Act open enrollment season was quickly approaching, and call volumes at insurance companies across the country were skyrocketing. In preparation for the immensely busy season ahead, one of the largest U.S. mutual life insurance companies needed to develop an efficient and effective way to manage this anticipated spike in call volume.

The Company

With more than 7,500 employees and a national network of agents, the insurance company offers a range of services including life insurance, wealth management, and 401(k) plans.

The Challenge

To prepare for an anticipated increase in call volume, the organization needed to fill a new contact center with 100 employees in just a six-week period.

The Solution

The KellyOCG team designed a high-impact recruitment strategy, utilizing multiple sourcing avenues to quickly attract, hire, and onboard hundreds of applicants.

The Result

In addition to exceeding the new-hire requirements, KellyOCG was also able to fill 16 additional key management roles and 10 additional temporary positions.

Our Value

  • Specialized call center expertise
  • Engaged and high-performing hires
  • Proactive talent pipeline for future needs


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