RPO Solution for Financial Services Company

RPO Solution for Financial Services Company

To service growing global needs, a leading banking and financial institution was building a new shared service center in India. In order for the shared service center to launch successfully, the financial company needed to hire several thousand new employees for a wide range of departments and functions in the first two years of operation, as well as develop a streamlined process that seamlessly integrated with existing HR processes.

In the past, the organization had used multiple agencies for recruiting talent—however, in order to attract the massive number of employees required to staff the center in the most timely and cost-effective way, the organization needed to reimagine its talent acquisition process.

The company engaged KellyOCG to develop a customized solution that would not only deliver the high-quality talent it required, but also optimize its supplier relationships along the way.

The Challenge

To fully staff a new shared service center in India, the organization needed to hire 2,000 employees, which would require a significant shift in its existing recruitment processes.

The Company

The Indian branch of a global banking and finance provider offers a broad range of financial products and services, and employs thousands of people in the region.

The Solution

KellyOCG developed and executed a customized solution that involved endto-end recruitment, supplier optimization, and the deployment of a cross-functional, industry-specialized team.

The Result

The solution empowered the organization to achieve impactful cost savings and process efficiency, as well as gain access to best-fit candidates quickly.

The Value

  • Capacity for high-volume hiring
  • Specialized financial industry expertise
  • Strong ability to understand and communicate employer brand

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