KellyOCG Global Workforce Report 2022

Re:work Calibrating to power the life-work shift

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Creating a new life-work playbook.

Is your talent strategy standing up to the great life-work shift? We surveyed 1000 senior executives across 12 countries to find out how they are meeting the challenges of shifting employee expectations and discovered how the most successful organizations – the Vanguards – are continuing to win out in a fierce talent market.

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Our global research reveals a life-work shift is underway driven by employees’ changing expectations around work and how some leading organizations are adapting to this new reality to attract and retain talent.”

- Tammy Browning, President, KellyOCG

Ready to reinvent work?

51% of the Vanguards we surveyed told us that leaders and employees inside their organization are reinventing work together. And 41% say that they plan to increase their use of contingent talent over the next five years by at least 25%.

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What are the biggest talent challenges organizations face in 2022?

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34% of leaders say that poor ability to hire contingent talent and quickly fill skills gaps is holding them back.


37% of executives say that employee expectations have fundamentally changed since the pandemic.


72% of executives told us that they plan to leave their current employer within the next two years.

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