Next-level agility:  The four dynamics of a resilient workforce

KellyOCG Global Workforce Agility Report 2021

The next best thing to a crystal ball.

How can you ensure that your workforce is fit for a future that’s in constant flux? We spoke to 1000 senior executives across 13 countries to find out how their talent strategies are meeting the challenge.

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"Our research findings—broken down by industries and geographies—reveal how some of the world’s most agile organizations are leading the way."

-Tammy Browning, President, KellyOCG

Global leaders are facing big challenges.

Explore our Workforce Agility Report 2021 for talent insights and practical tips on navigating change.


25% of leaders believe they lack the in-house skills they need to manage the workforce they want to build.


33% of executives report that employee wellbeing has deteriorated or stagnated in the past 12 months.


Less than half of executives say they have a clear view of the optimal mix of talent required across all business areas.

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