End-to-end recruitment for niche talent.

End-to-end recruitment for niche talent.

We helped a US Insurance agency overcome challenges to engage highly specialised IT talent in India.

The challenge

The company needed to hire 250 IT professionals with extremely niche skillsets to work in its in-house IT centre in Bangalore, India.

The solution

Initially, KellyOCG acted as a sourcing provider to engage skilled candidates, but over time, we expanded our support to deliver a complete enterprise RPO.

The result

We’ve already filled 107 niche and super-niche roles. We continue to exceed targets and have begun recruiting for more senior and business-critical roles.

As the company’s RPO provider, we provide key market insights that help to determine the best regions to target, salary benchmarks, and more. By providing these value-added services, the client has gained confidence in our ability to serve as a strategic partner, and has trusted us with filling increasingly complex roles.


Filled 107 niche and super-niche roles


Achieved $157,306 in cost savings


30-day average time to close


Reduced attrition to 3%


Solution expanded to full enterprise RPO

A complex hiring challenge

Despite India’s abundance of skilled IT talent, sourcing for extremely niche, skilled IT professionals in the region can be challenging. Not only are these candidates difficult to find, but they’re also more costly and time-consuming to hire – often requiring multiple rounds of interviews and larger salaries.

Delivering early success

As specialists in sourcing hard-to- find IT talent, we proved to be highly successful in fulfilling the client’s hiring goals. However, we knew that we could be even more effective and deliver greater cost savings with more control over the hiring process.

Expanding our partnership

During our sourcing-only RPO contract, we expanded the solution to an enterprise RPO model and provided a six-person team to manage the end-to-end recruitment process. This ongoing engagement allows us to have greater control over not only what talent is being sourced, but also how they are being interviewed, selected, and onboarded.

Ongoing client confidence

The client has been so thrilled with our RPO team that a vacancy on their internal talent acquisition team has been filled with a KellyOCG recruiter. This solution has ultimately provided the client with the niche-skilled IT talent they need and helped them to refine recruitment process management to ensure their talent acquisition success in the long term.

Our value


Niche IT talent sourcing


End-to-end recruitment support


Value-added services and cost savings


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