Solving complex workforce challenges.

Solving complex workforce challenges.

Helping a language support service to provide high-quality service and round-the-clock coverage.

The challenge

An international language support company was finding it difficult to staff a 24-hour call-centre program in the US. The client needed to provide high-quality interpretation support for multiple languages.

The solution

We delivered a BPO solution to engage and hire a diverse, qualified workforce to ensure consistent service levels and implemented a flexible work schedule to promote better call-centre coverage.

The result

The solution empowered the organisation to exceed its quality service goals of 85% and deliver consistent, flexible service coverage for its users.

In addition to difficulty in staffing their call-centre operation, the organisation was struggling to find a vendor who could meet its quality service scores of 85% while meeting an internal benchmark through the US Language Proficiency Test (LPT). After failed attempts with other providers, KellyOCG was able to implement a successful business process outsourcing (BPO) solution, allowing the client to connect with skilled, diverse talent while maintaining the flexibility to support its 24/7 operation.


Quality service scores of 85% (rising to 100% after 3 months)


Consistent call-centre coverage 24/7


Designed and delivered training to keep quality levels high.


Partnered with specialist language suppliers to develop a strong talent pipeline.

Supporting critical language services

Our client delivers specialist interpretation and language services—often in critical situations – including during the delivery of emergency medical treatment. We needed to deliver a reliable, high-quality, and flexible solution to support their mission.

Learning from past challenges

We worked with the organisation to understand not only its needs but also its concerns (after it had struggled with this program and providers in the past). We used this information to develop a detailed plan that would meet their requirements while also keeping costs manageable. We also planned to target a diverse workforce who could deliver on high-quality language skills and flexibility.

Solving complex challenges

To ensure access to round-the-clock support, we developed a flexible work schedule metric which improved coverage and provided greater visibility on potential pain points. We then rolled out robust training and coaching, including pre-screening exercises prior to candidates taking the LPT. This ensured a minimum pass rate of 40%. We also provided training to candidates during the onboarding process and throughout their tenure to support high-quality service delivery from day one.

Consistently high performance

A workforce management team closely monitored service level delivery requirements and made sure we met and achieved all the performance metrics effectively and efficiently. Constant improvement measures and activities were also put into place to create a consistently smooth operation to ensure steady access to high-quality skills for our client. We partnered with a strong base of specialised language and call-centre staffing vendors to help develop a strong pipeline for talent and meet ongoing and future talent demand.

Our value


Flexible and agile work schedule metric


Service excellence 24/7, all-year round


Specialised recruitment and training approach


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