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We know that consultants have a reputation. You think consulting and you imagine a big invoice and a dry report that leaves you no further forward than you were before. We do things differently. 

We don’t claim to know everything. But we are talent specialists, and our experts can help you to solve complex workforce planning and people challenges through actionable insights and strategy. What’s more, we deliver functional advice without the jargon. Our support helps to simplify your goals, not complicate them. 

If you're looking for independent, tailored advice on talent management strategy, KellyOCG can help.

Why Kelly
18% That’s the number of buyers who intend to implement an internally managed MSP program.
57% That’s the number of buyers who intend to extend their strategic workforce planning approach to include external workforce.
29% That’s the number of buyers who intend to encourage the use of diverse/women owned/minority staffing firms.

FAQs about Talent Consulting

  • I'm thinking of implementing a managed services provider (MSP) program in my business, but we want to manage it ourselves. What's your advice?

  • What should I expect when I partner with KellyOCG?


"KellyOCG is a true partner for Mazda Toyota Manufacturing. They are collaborative, bring fresh ideas and best practices to our company and are always ready to help us achieve our objectives. They are the type of partner that listens to you and brings solutions based on what you need, while also anticipating future needs and providing proactive solutions as well. I look forward to building a long-term partnership."

- Mark Brazeal, Vice President Administration, Mazda Toyota Manufacturing

"I wanted to create One Team and determine how to connect to more talent in the community so we could be fully staffed at the plant. KellyOCG provided us with so much more. They helped us identify our voice in the marketplace and helped us reconnect the company with the values of the people here to align to one purpose."

- Nirav Panchal, Site & Production Leader, DuPont

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