KellyConnect® - Contact Center Outsourcing

KellyConnect is unlike any other call center solution. Backed by more than 70 years of expertise, we have a unique understanding of the marketplace and ability to connect companies of all shapes and sizes with the people, processes and technology you need to deliver the experiences your customers demand.

From traditional brick-and-mortar models, to hub-and-spoke or virtual models, KellyConnect supports just about any call center structure with extraordinary potential for flexibility and customization. We fill in the gaps with whichever services and solutions best fit your needs while utilizing your own internal assets and capabilities.

KellyConnect is leading the industry in new and innovative home-based agent models that make it not only possible but beneficial to incorporate some remote workforce elements. Our capabilities enable instant scalability, as well as significant efficiencies in cost and timing. Our Instaflex™ methodology leverages a remote, on-demand talent pool of trained agents in a dispersed workforce environment to provide increased or decreased staffing depending on daily, seasonal or unexpected volume trends. Instaflex™ allows the ability to ‘flex’ on a real-time basis during periods of predictable or planned spikes in demand, as well as in reaction to unforeseen events.

With support through all channels your customers are looking for – traditional phone, live chat, email, text message, other mobile platforms, and more – we can build a team around your specific needs, and acquire talent with exactly the skills, education, demographic characteristics, personality traits, and other qualities your desired customer experience requires.

Schedule a consultation with one of our solutions architects to learn how KellyConnect can work with you to determine the best integrated solution for your unique business, offering and customer base.