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All our years of MSP experience have made KellyOCG GO MSP. We’ve created this fast to implement, powerful, data driven managed service provider solution for companies with a contingent spend of around $5-50 million.
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Driven by powerful technology

We're not talking about megabits and server size (although we can if you like). It's about the power of having total visibility of your contingent workforce. It's about insights that will help shape your business. KellyOCG GO MSP and the technology that supports this managed service provider solution means you are informed, compliant and confident, every single day.


Why KellyOCG GO?

Valuable partnership

We work with businesses of all shapes and sizes to put them in complete control of their talent supply chain. We understand you, we support you, from day one.

Quality talent at the right price

We look at your spend and skill categories. Then we recommend the best mix of suppliers in a vendor neutral talent supply chain model.

How big is your contingent workforce?

~300+ PEOPLE



  • What services do you offer as part of your MSP solutions?

  • Does your OCG GO solution use technology?

  • How do you use data to make decisions in MSP programs?

  • Would it be easier to manage my MSP in-house or with an outside partner?

  • What is the difference between your OCG GO MSP solution and your enterprise MSP solution?

  • What does your OCG GO solution include?

Why Kelly
Leader KellyOCG named again as Leader in the 2019 Everest PEAK Assessment for MSP providers
100% game-changing MSP solution tailored for companies with a contingent spend of around $5-50 million
45 number of countries where we are delivering MSP services


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