Direct sourcing with a talent community

We partner with you to build an exclusive, client-branded community of known and newly sourced talent to help you fill roles quickly and reduce hiring time and cost. 

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Discover known and new talent

It’s not always easy to find the right people at the right time. Our Direct Sourcing solution helps you to get ahead of the game, creating a targeted community of skilled talent made up of both known and carefully sourced candidates. From tracking and redeploying previous workers and silver medalists to engaging new people inside curated talent pools, we nurture potential candidate relationships – giving you easy access to the extraordinary talent you’re searching for.

Our direct sourcing expertise includes:

  • Sourcing new or client-known niche skillsets and migrating candidates to talent communities.
  • Nurturing and engaging talent communities through regular content and learning opportunities.
  • Matching candidates with available jobs/projects.
  • Performing supplier functions – submitting candidates for opportunities, monitoring responses, scheduling interviews, and/or negotiating rates.
  • Ongoing tracking, analysis, and optimization of the talent community ecosystem.

FAQs about Direct Sourcing

  • What are the advantages of direct sourcing for candidates?

  • What are the advantages of direct sourcing for my organization?


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