Direct sourcing with a talent community

Direct sourcing provides you with an engaged talent community—one that meets your on-demand business needs by combining your brand and our talent expertise. We call it the best of both worlds.
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Understanding talent and client needs

We understand how difficult finding the right people for your business is. Candidates who are more than just a match on paper, but who also share your vision and values. Skilled people who feel easily connected to your organization. At KellyOCG, we do different. We understand how to nurture candidate relationships, so candidates can grow and achieve more. We’re experts at connecting your organization with passive candidates, former employees, and contractors—giving you easy access to the extraordinary talent you’ve been looking for.

Our direct sourcing expertise includes:

  • Sourcing new or client-known niche skillset talent, and migrating candidates to the new talent community
  • Nurturing and engaging the talent community through the ongoing delivery of content and education, across a variety of online channels/events
  • Matching candidates in the talent community with available jobs/projects
  • Performing supplier functions—such as submitting candidates for opportunities, monitoring responses, scheduling interviews, and/or negotiating rates
  • Ongoing tracking, analysis, and optimization of the talent community ecosystem

FAQs about Direct Sourcing

  • What advantages does direct sourcing have for the talent that I want to keep engaged with my organization?

  • What are the advantages of direct sourcing for my organization?


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