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About Human Cloud


The human cloud is an amazing innovation. In just a few clicks, it connects your company with more than 50 million independent contractors. The problem is, with more than 1,800 online recruitment platforms to choose from, where do you click? And how can you be sure the talent you find will click with your business?

The KellyOCG Human Cloud solution makes it happen, by guaranteeing your access to highly skilled, niche talent through qualified cloud channels. In the race for specialized talent, we can ensure you don’t waste time learning multiple platforms, or risk settling for candidates who are almost right.

As an aggregator that navigates the confusion for you, KellyOCG lets you find the exact right talent through a powerful, easy-to-use interface—and provides a shared space to define and manage your projects easily. So you can make the gig economy work for you.

Working with Kelly's Human Cloud

You need a business strategist.

It’s a two-week job that needs to be remote and on a limited budget.

Where do you look?

Online! You know other departments had luck that way.

You spend way too much time searching on multiple platforms.

So you go to HR.

HR sends you to the KellyOCG Human Solution.

KellyOCG is different.

You answer through a series of detailed questions to find who you’re looking for.

You’re taken to Kelly Human Cloud Solution.

By the end of the day, you have three qualified candidates in your inbox.

You find the one.

Your candidate gets briefed by the hiring manager.

Meanwhile, KellyOCG handles all the paperwork.

The work gets done exactly as specified.

Accolades and rejoicing all around.

You know KellyOCG has your back.



Why Kelly
#1 Top reason to access the human cloud is talent, and KellyOCG has the only aggregated solution to reach this talent
1,800 Human cloud providers in the market that KellyOCG can help you navigate
53 Million gig workers in the US you could be missing out on and KellyOCG provides easy access

FAQs about Human Cloud

  • Do I get access to all 1,800 human cloud providers?

  • Why should I work with KellyOCG vs. going directly to the human cloud providers?

  • Is accessing talent online here to stay, or is it a passing trend?


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