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About IC Complete

Full-time employees as we know them are disappearing. Some 40% of workforce professionals now identify as independent contractors. As the workforce landscape changes, businesses are exposed to more complex tax requirements and liabilities, with a hefty cost for misclassification. Combined with the difficulty of finding the right independent contractors, it can seem like a perfect storm for hiring managers.

IC Complete is a new solution from KellyOCG that will help your business not just weather the storm, but thrive in it. As a turnkey approach to engaging and onboarding contingent talent, IC Complete provides a single, simple work path that gets results across the full spectrum of today’s gig economy.

Beyond delivering the staffing expertise Kelly is famous for, IC Complete also provides risk assessment and indemnification, plus document collection and maintenance, even distribution of tax documents. You’re free to focus on outcomes, rather than the ever-evolving challenges of engaging independent contractor talent.

Why Kelly
100% safe access to ALL talent
40% of talent are gig workers
80% of CEOs are concerned with the talent they need

FAQs about IC Complete

  • Are there really that many independent contractors working today?

  • Do you just pay ICs, or can you also find the independent contractor I need?

  • How do I know you’ll mitigate my risk in working with independent contractors?


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