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A great MSP partner has to offer more than jargon and empty promises. That’s why we’re committed to delivering world-beating MSP solutions without the BS. Discover big ideas minus the buzzwords.

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How big is your contingent workforce?

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Hold the acronyms

At KellyOCG, we take a different approach to MSP. No waffle. No complicated jargon. And absolutely no BS. Ever. We get to know who you are and what matters to you to build MSP solutions that make things easier, not more complex. Simply, we provide access to the people you need in a way that works for you.

We were the first people in the MSP market 25 years ago and we’ve never stood still. No one can beat the quality of talent we supply to our clients. We don’t need to tie ourselves (or you) up in complicated buzzwords because it’s pretty simple – we’re experts in what we do, and we can help your business to do better.

Who says that size matters?

In the past, MSP solutions were only for the largest companies. But that picture is changing fast, and we think that makes the world of work a whole lot more interesting.

Our mid-market MSP solution is designed for midsize organizations like yours. It’s smart, flexible, cost-effective, and we can implement it in half the time of a traditional MSP solution.

We believe that you deserve straightforward access to great talent. Think bigger with our mid-market MSP.

You’re different. Don’t settle for an MSP that’s anything less.

No two of our enterprise MSP solutions are the same. Our design process starts with you to create a partnership that reflects who you are and where you’re going. This helps us to create flexible solutions that grow with your business.

Plus, we offer more than constant access to great talent. When you work with us, you can expect the best global and regional MSP expertise, market insights, powerful analytics, and industry-leading tech.

We’ve been working on MSP solutions for 25 years and we’ve never stopped upping our game. 

Why Kelly
Leader KellyOCG named again as Leader in the 2019 Everest PEAK Assessment for MSP providers
100% game-changing Managed Service Provider solutions for all types of organizations
45 number of countries where we are delivering MSP services


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