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Access to great talent shouldn’t be complicated. We strip away the BS to provide MSP solutions that work for your business. Simple.

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No jargon. No waffle. Just great MSP solutions.

When you partner with KellyOCG, you’ll enjoy access to world-beating suppliers, the latest market insights, supply chain expertise, and our advanced in-house analytics. Our enterprise MSP solutions work like an extension of your team, giving you easy access to the right people in a way that works for your business. And because we don’t hide behind complicated acronyms and waffle, you can see clearly where and how we add value.

What’s more, we never stop challenging ourselves to do better. We’re constantly looking for new ways to help you meet your goals, providing regular program updates and improvements. We grow with your business, and wherever your global journey takes you, our worldwide talent network is always at your fingertips.  

You’re just starting out. What does year 1 of our enterprise MSP solution look like?

  • Savings - From day one, we’re looking for ways to reduce your bottom line. We’ll implement fair supplier contracts and terms, analyze rate compliance, improve visibility of your contingent talent spend, and look closely at areas for improvement. We’ll also set sensible cost-saving targets.
  • Process – We’ll get stuck into operational and process improvement. This means reviewing hiring and onboarding processes, supplier performance, service level agreements, and compliance. Our team will also analyze your current operating model and ways of working.
  • Tech - For your program to work well, you must have the right tech in place. We’ll help to identify and roll out vendor management technology and integrate it smoothly with your current systems. We’ll also identify any additional technology that could support the smart running of your program.
  • Innovation – We’ll help you to make changes that support the future of your business. You’ll work closely with our advisory service and change management team to make sure you implement the right innovations at the right time.

Your program is beginning to mature – expect to see improved value in every area.

  • Savings – All  that hard work and analysis will begin to flow into real cost savings. Supplier rebates and negotiations, volume discounts, carefully managed spending goals – they all add up.
  • Process – You may notice that the way you think about accessing talent has changed. Operations have been streamlined, hiring and onboarding are working smoothly, and you’re connecting with the right suppliers on the right roles. You have access to all the tools you need, from human cloud and statement of work solutions to independent contractor support and worker tracking.

  • Tech – You’ll have access to detailed analytics and dashboards that transform how you see your contingent workforce. Smart screening techniques, powered by AI, will free up your talent acquisition team, while advanced supplier and market analysis will allow you to manage and plan for spikes in demand.
  • Innovation– You can expect to have better visibility and control over all categories of contingent workers. You may start to explore other KellyOCG tools, including business process outsourcing and functional service provider solutions to add further layers of support to your program.     

You’ve been up and running for a while, but we’ll never stop looking for new ways to deliver more.

  • Savings – Full visibility of your contingent workforce helps us to identify new chances to save on costs. We’re constantly working to optimize the ways you find and connect with the people you need, and we conduct regular supplier reviews to make sure you’re always getting great value.
  • Process – The way you work is always evolving, and so are our processes. We’re always exploring new ways to power efficiency and add value by rolling out new initiatives and supporting your journey towards total talent management.  

  • Tech – We make sure your vendor management solution is always working like it should, with regular enhancements and updates. We also provide expertise on new tech that could help you work smarter, like chatbots and robotics process automation tools.

  • Innovation – The next big idea could change everything and we’re here to make sure you are always ahead of the curve. We provide the latest insights on artificial intelligence, automation, market trends, and anything else that could impact the future of work.  .

How big is your contingent workforce?

<300 contractors

FAQs about Managed Service Provider for Enterprise

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  • Would it be easier to manage my MSP in-house or with an outside partner?

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