A new way to deliver Managed Service Provision

All our expertise has gone into building a flexible and cost-effective way for midsize, modern-scaled companies to manage their contingent workforce. We call it Mid-Market MSP.

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A game-changing MSP solution from a trusted partner

Midsize organizations now have a fast solution to access talent from a trusted single provider.

Mid-Market MSP from KellyOCG features a range of programmatic offerings within a single solution. These include centralized project management and governance, requisition-to-payment management of the entire staffing process, quality control and management, and many more.

Now we can implement in less than half the time it takes for a traditional enterprise MSP—that’s game-changing!

What can you expect to achieve in Year 1 from your MSP?

  • Savings from a preferred supplier network, market-aligned job descriptions and rate cards, and visibility to outlier rates.
  • Operations improved through efficient and defined requisition process, centralized order distribution, consolidated invoicing, engaged and proven supply chain, supplier performance visibility, and risk mitigation.
  • Technology improvements through a defined VMS configuration, procure to pay process enabled, single sign-on, core data integration, and supplier performance and rate benchmarking.
  • Innovation from our governance model.

Expect to see more enhanced value in Year 2 of your program:

  • Savings from baseline cost saving targets, spend analysis, volume discounts, and OT management.
  • Operations improved through program wide visibility and program data maximization.
  • Technology boosted by customer/supplier surveys, dashboards and overviews, and demand management.
  • Innovation via reclassification of the workforce, advisory services, and talent acquisition strategy definition.

Your MSP will keep evolving to deliver new value in Year 3, 4, and beyond:

  • Savings from optimized talent sourcing and engagement model as well as cost savings strategy goals.
  • Operations further improved by total talent workforce planning and strategic planning and sourcing initiatives.
  • Technology enhancements via VMS and other technology upgrades or adoptions.
  • Innovation through other sourcing channels such as Direct Sourcing, Human Cloud, SOW, IC Management, IDM, and Headcount Tracking as well as the Future of Work.

How big is your contingent workforce?

~300+ contractors

FAQs about Mid-Market MSP

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  • What is the difference between Mid-Market MSP solution and your enterprise MSP solution?

  • I'm not sure if I need a partner to manage my MSP program or whether to do this in-house. What would you recommend?

  • Does your Mid-Market MSP solution use technology?

  • What does your Mid-Market MSP solution include?

Why Kelly
Leader KellyOCG named again as Leader in the 2019 Everest PEAK Assessment for MSP providers
100% game-changing MSP solution tailored for midsize organizations
45 number of countries where we are delivering MSP services


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