Services Procurement / Statement of Work

We’re leading the way in services procurement / statement of work. Bringing together every type of talent, so you can focus on what matters most—your core business.

A different type of statement of work solution

Your organization is different. The challenges you face. The products and ideas you produce. The way your people see the world. They all set you apart from the crowd. You need a different kind of services procurement partner.

At KellyOCG, we do different. We integrate your Services Procurement spend as part of a total talent supply chain management strategy . Ensuring you always have access to the people you need to get the job done. From process consistency and governance to project lifecycle administration and cost management, our highly experienced and expert team are dedicated to ensuring your organization can connect with the global access to SOW talent you need in the ever changing market place.

Everest Group named KellyOCG as a Leader for Services Procurement. On their journey to Total Talent Management, clients should integrate all talent types into their MSP, including SOW. This recognition shows how actively we’re partnering on that journey to deliver what’s next for the industry.

Why Kelly
1 of only 2 Leaders in the Everest Peak Matrix
10 years That’s how long we've been delivering services procurement/statement of work solutions to our clients.
70% of CPOs identified Indirect Spend Management as an area that required significant improvement. We can help with that.

FAQs about SOW

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  • What makes the KellyOCG approach to services procurement different?


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