Americas market insights Q1 2024.

Based on the latest research and data, this report report provides an overview of key trends and insights shaping the workforce in the Americas in 2024. It focuses on both North and South America, acknowledging their diverse landscapes while identifying commonalities and regional specificities.

Economic recovery.

The Americas region is experiencing a gradual economic recovery, leading to an increase in hiring activity across various sectors.
Companies are increasingly focusing on DE&I initiatives to attract and retain diverse talent and create inclusive work environments.
Skills gap.

Despite the growth, a skills gap persists in critical areas like digital transformation, data analytics, and cybersecurity.
Mental health & wellbeing.

Mental health concerns are prevalent across the Americas, impacting both employees and businesses
Remove & hybrid work.

The popularity of remote and hybrid work models continues, impacting talent acquisition and workplace strategies.
Focus on upskilling.

Exploring partnerships with freelance professionals for specific tasks, etc.

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