Powering a successful MSP rollout.

Helping Corteva, a global agriscience company, to lead effective MSP implementation through our one-stop talent portal, Kelly Helix UX.

The challenge

Corteva, a leading agriscience company, was looking for an MSP that could not only deliver a powerful contingent workforce solution but support effective change management. 

The solution

KellyOCG delivered a customized enterprise MSP solution, using our one-stop workforce management portal Helix UX as a change hub – delivering effective business-wide communications and bringing together diverse stakeholders.

The result

Our centralized approach to the MSP program rollout led to a smooth change management process and high levels of adoption across the business.

Bringing together diverse contingent workforce strategies

This industry-leading agricultural chemical and seed company had experienced intense internal change following merger and spin-off activity which led to the creation of a new independent company. This saw previously separate businesses coming together – all with different contingent workforce solutions and processes. Though an inherited first-generation MSP solution was in place, Corteva was looking for a highly experienced provider that could implement a single advanced MSP solution to bring together disconnected processes and improve visibility across its contingent workforce. A key component of the project was delivering centralized and highly visible change management through our Helix UX portal to encourage program adoption.


Technology-driven MSP implemented quickly & successfully – using Fieldglass and Helix UX.




Delivered highly effective centralized change management


Created joined-up contingent workforce management processes across a newly independent business


Built a centralized hub for roll-out messaging and answers to program questions


High levels of MSP program adoption across the organization


Super-fast responsiveness through the Helix UX portal

Providing certainty and developing program trust.

Corteva was made up of users and stakeholders from previously separate companies with unique contingent management processes and tools. To bring everyone together under a brand-new MSP program was a significant challenge. It was crucial that the change management process was highly inclusive and visible. Our Helix UX portal – which offered a single point of access for program information, access to talent channels, and the KellyOCG project management team acted as a key information hub for users, encouraging adoption across the organization.

A powerful, full-service talent portal.

From finding program guidelines, training and answers to FAQs to making new talent requests, our Helix UX portal provides Corteva with almost instant access to everything they need to successfully access and manage contingent talent. This has been particularly valuable for new hiring managers coming into the business – empowering them to quickly access the information and people they need to succeed.

Live access to the KellyOCG team.

Our Helix UX portal greatly improves the responsiveness of our team. This means that stakeholders at every level of Corteva can access advice and guidance quickly and easily – often instantly, or in a matter of hours for more complex questions. We are also working with the Corteva leadership team on continuous portal improvements to ensure we are meeting the changing contingent workforce challenges the business faces.

Our value


Highly effective change management.


Access to a one-stop talent portal.


Increased levels of program adoption.