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Human Cloud


The human cloud is amazing. In just a few clicks you can connect with 50 million independent contractors. But with more than 1,800 online recruitment platforms out there, where do you start? And how can you make sure you discover people that are a great fit for your business?

The KellyOCG Human Cloud solution is the simplest way to access specialist, expert talent. We bring together the best cloud channels in one powerful, user-friendly interface. This means you never have to navigate multiple platforms or waste time searching thousands of not-quite-right profiles.

This is the first human cloud aggregator tool on the market, and it could transform the way you connect with independent talent. No more confusion or wasted time. No more hundreds of logons. Just simple access to great talent that helps you to get the most out of the gig economy.

Working with Kelly's Human Cloud



Why Kelly
#1 KellyOCG offers the only aggregated solution to reach specialist talent
1,800 Human cloud providers in the market that KellyOCG can help you navigate
53 Million gig workers in the US you could be missing out on if you turn your back on the human cloud

FAQs about Human Cloud

  • Do I get access to all 1,800 human cloud providers?

  • Why should I work with KellyOCG when I could go direct to human cloud providers?

  • Is connecting with talent online a passing trend?


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