About IC Complete

Full-time employees are disappearing. Today, 40% of the workforce is independent and businesses are juggling more complex tax requirements than ever before. Combined with the challenge of finding the right independent talent, it can feel like a perfect storm for hiring managers.

IC Complete from KellyOCG offers a simple, turnkey approach, helping you to safely source, engage, and manage talent across the gig economy. What’s more, you choose (and pay for) only the services you need, so you can build the right independent contractor solution for your business.

IC Complete provides a comprehensive, flexible menu of independent contractor services, including sourcing, evaluation and classification, risk mitigation, administration, and audit support. Designed to deliver on value and quality, our IC solution helps you to focus on what matters most – your business goals. 

Why Kelly


safe access to ALL talent


of talent are gig workers


of CEOs are concerned with the talent they need

FAQs about IC Complete

Are there really that many independent contractors working today?

Yes. Nearly 40% of all workers have non-traditional work engagements these days.

Do you just pay ICs, or can you also find the independent contractor I need?

KellyOCG offers a complete solution, which includes engaging the right independent contractors, qualifying and paying them, issuing tax documents [US only], and offboarding.

How do I know you’ll mitigate my risk in working with independent contractors?

KellyOCG has a proven, legally compliant process of evaluating talent to ensure they qualify as independent contractors. Our process includes all federal/state tests on worker classification, and we indemnify our results for added peace of mind.


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