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Choose a partner with the curiosity to find out who you really are, the courage to boldly break rules when necessary, and the experience to create custom RPO solutions that push your individual capabilities.

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  • Project RPO/On Demand
  • Recruiter on Demand/Staff Augmentation
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Move from rigid processes to agile solutions.

Recruitment needs are constantly in flux. It takes expertise to keep up and keep you ahead of the curve. Expertise that comes from the most experienced global RPO services team in the business. Our people have a great breadth of knowledge, and we’ve learned just what it takes to develop personalized solutions that have the flexibility to solve your unique challenges today, tomorrow, and years from now.

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Move from information overload to actionable insights.

Info overload is real. It’s easy to get distracted and spend your day reacting to the wrong issues. You need to be proactive, concentrating on clear information to block out the noise. We put the information, data, and expert insights required to make better decisions right at your fingertips. Our customized dashboard keeps you updated on critical issues and trends so you’re always acting from a position of knowledge and strength.

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Move from broken promises to proven tech.

We’re all tired of technology that overpromises and under delivers. That’s why we’ve tested the tech for you and created a marketplace of independent, proven talent technology partners that actually live up to their own hype. You’ll have ready access to solutions that fit your needs and can choose with confidence, knowing we’ve done the heavy lifting—and testing—so you don’t have to.

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Juro Viljusic

Global HR Business Partner, medmix

“I take immense pride in what we’ve achieved together. medmix established a strategic partnership with KellyOCG and their RPO team to address the recruitment needs for approximately 200 vacancies across diverse regions, including Germany, Switzerland, Spain, India, and the U.S. Since the inception of our collaboration, we have consistently exceeded expectations. Notably, we successfully filled critical senior roles and overcame challenges in niche positions that had remained unfilled for an extended period—roles that other agencies and headhunters struggled with. Thank you to the entire team!"

Senior HR Director, EMEA

“It is very rare to find a partner who can work so well and seamlessly with our team in such a short space of time. The results you achieved in a challenging marketplace have been exceptional. Thank you.”

Talent Acquisition Manager, Benelux, France & Poland

Global Life Sciences Company

"KellyOCG really get us. They have grown with us. Over the past 12 months the KellyOCG team have taken away my pain, helping overcome my resourcing challenges. Communication with us is always open and transparent, nothing ever seems to be much trouble for the KellyOCG team, and I feel like I am working with an extension of my own team when I engage with them. It’s a real collaboration.”

Clear advantages from KellyOCG RPO.

Experience the advantages of an experienced RPO partner you can rely on to put your needs first, develop custom solutions, and service your global footprint.


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Customer Centric

When you win, we win. As consultants, our success is tied to the success of our 185 live RPO programs in action around the world.

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Take a step up. You’ll enjoy more capacity, capability, and creativity when you put our 1000 global RPO professionals to work for you.

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One size doesn’t fit all. You’re unique and your solutions should be too. We customize our proven RPO solutions for your needs.

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Looking beyond the obvious, to give you more access to talent. 50% of the people we find for our clients aren’t on job boards.

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You don’t need “yes-people.” Almost 30 years of RPO experience gives us the confidence to challenge you when it’s needed.

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You’ll benefit from the innovation that springs from necessity + enthusiasm. We bring joy to our work and professional relationships.

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As your needs change, so should your RPO. Get flexible solutions—and an entrepreneurial spirit—baked by a Nasdaq-listed corporation.

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You’ve found a partner you can trust. We do things the right way. It’s been at the core of what we do, and who we are, since 1946.

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Relax, you’re working with a partner you can count on. Our RPO programs average time is six years, with 99% client retention.

A solution to meet any need.

Our comprehensive full-service RPO solution across the whole recruitment lifecycle and process for a specific market, country, region, or division. A long-term partnership, of usually more than two years, that supports transformation of the TA approach and is best suited for complex, long-term TA strategies and/or high-volume recruitment.
Integrates with in-house TA team as an efficient, flexible solution, enhancing capabilities by bringing TA expertise and optimizing every aspect of recruitment. Gives flexibility to direct an in-house team towards strategic activities, while RPO handles the assigned scopes, functions, geographies, or business units. Offers our clients the agility to scale up or down as required.
A targeted solution with a defined start and end date, tailor-made for short-term, urgent, seasonal, or niche hiring needs, or to support during periods of limited recruitment capacity. Particularly effective for initiatives like product launches, new location openings, or similar events demanding hiring beyond the usual volume. Typically, less than one year and providing either partial- or full-process support. Provides flexibility to adapt to changing business demands and bridges talent gaps.

Immediate access to seasoned TA professionals, securing recruiters on lease without the commitment to long-term obligations. This provides greater agility, bringing extra recruiting resources in quickly, and meeting business demand at speed.

Pinpointing the best talent for your organization. With this precision solution, clients receive prequalified shortlists of candidates who can be seamlessly integrated directly into the selection process.

Enterprise/Full Service RPO
Hybrid RPO
Project RPO/On Demand
Recruiter on Demand/Staff Augmentation

Talent acquisition excellence.

What makes an organization best in class?

Our in-depth research emphasizes the need for transformative action, recognizing TA as a strategic force—empowering teams and aligning goals with long-term talent strategies. Download our report to:

  • Learn the 12 components of an effective, evolved TA process.
  • Discover what best-in-class organizations do well.
  • Get concrete action steps to optimize your TA efforts.

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