About Identity Management

The reach of human capital management today gives your business access to more talent. But that means more people also have access to your business—your infrastructure, your data, and your IP. And every password, ID badge, or laptop you give out is a new way they can get in.

Identity Management from KellyOCG provides a platform to keep track of everyone, outside of your directly engaged employees, who has access to your systems and buildings. We provide updates to ensure that you maintain a clear picture of who has access, and when they no longer need it, that it can be discontinued.

By enabling visibility into these interactions, Identity Management protects your capital and assets while maintaining process consistency. And what’s good for the company is good for the external workforce: With access to the tools they need, they can spend their billable time being brilliant, instead of trying to connect to the printer.

Why Kelly


of employees take something they shouldn’t when they leave a company


the number of non-cash corporate thefts has doubled in the last decade


technology-enabled workforce tracking solution that can be used globally for business of any size

FAQs about Identity Management

Do I need to have a VMS to buy this solution?

No. KellyOCG has an innovative solution for organizations that don’t have a VMS technology in place. We bring the technology with us!


Is this a global solution?

Yes. Our solution can be utilized in all countries around the world, regardless of the number of workers in each country.

Why would I need an identity management solution?

Organizations today lack full visibility into their non-full-time workforce. They’re engaging a wide variety of external workers that require access to company resources and IT systems. This process is often managed individually by hiring managers, which increases administrative efforts, possible errors, and negatively impacts real-time workforce visibility.


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