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The challenge

A leading telecommunications company had set a goal to reach 60% of spending through suppliers that were certified as diverse owned but was struggling to meet its target.

The solution

KellyOCG® had been managing the client’s MSP program for nearly a decade. They tapped experts from the Kelly Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion team to consult for a strategic approach that fit their unique culture.

The result

Kelly helped the client achieve its diversity goals using best practices in supplier management. And they offered deep insight on the program’s economic impact that led to much more informed decisions.

Wanted: One more great solution among decades of great service.

As a major telecommunications company, the client had large government contracts that demanded strict contract compliance. One condition was to reach 60% of spending with diverse suppliers. Their initial diversity spend was measured at 48% of total. They turned to Kelly® for a partner they trusted to listen to their challenges and quickly recommend a solution that would align with their immediate goals, as well as their business culture and values.

The KellyOCG team had enjoyed great continuity in the MSP, working with the same executive sponsor at the company for 13+ years. They could develop a solution in total collaboration with the client, who truly knew and trusted Kelly capabilities and already valued their partnership. The KellyOCG team was in a perfect position to understand their issue and find ways to capture more diversity spend.

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Increased diverse spend with U.S. suppliers from 48% to 60%.

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Added 2 new diverse top tech talent providers.

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Reported the economic impact of diverse supplier activity based on actual live data.

Close partnership finds a different path, in line with the same values.

First, the team customized its invoicing process so the client would pay all diverse suppliers in the MSP directly, while Kelly paid the others. And since payroll was by far the client’s top spend entity, they recommended adding a diverse payroll supplier to supplement their existing provider. The vendor now accounts for nearly 1/3 of diverse spend. KellyOCG next identified other steps to influence spend by focusing on the client’s values. The company was headquartered in Overland Park, Kansas near a large and very active military veteran community. So, the team held local job fairs and on-site events through a targeted veteran’s program. They also added a disabled veteran supplier, which was a perfect cultural fit that lined up with their ideals. Nearly 90% of placements in the MSP were in a key talent category, for software and hardware experts like RF Engineers, which take a lot more technical experience and resources to find. So, KellyOCG identified three new diverse suppliers who specialize in hiring for niche technical roles. In time they became top-15 suppliers within the MSP, further adding to the client’s diversity spending.

The latest methods, for the right information, to make the best decisions.

Insight gained from the strong partnership led to very specific, successful solutions that supported client values and culture. Over five years of steady improvement, their diversity spend climbed from 48% to 61%. KellyOCG found ways to systematically achieve the client’s goals and increase spend that aligned closely to support their overarching business objectives and organizational culture.

Many supporting resources from Kelly were tapped in quick collaboration for faster, better targeted, more robust recommendations. The team also reported quarterly to provide analytics and insights into supply base performance, spend, and other key measures. This led to ongoing improvements in supplier contributions, the overall program, and the metrics it captured.

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In 2020, Kelly was named #3 among the Top 10
Global Champions for Supplier Diversity
Inclusion by WEConnect International.

Kelly also gave unprecedented insight into the economic impact of the client’s diverse supplier program for vastly better-informed decision-making. A team of experts in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion were consulted throughout the process. By applying a recently discovered algorithm, they generated a new report that quantified the economic impact of the client’s diverse supplier activity based on actual live data pulled from their MSP. In one year, their diverse suppliers had accounted for:

  • $72,435,369 Economic Impact — from sales of products and services with diverse suppliers
  • 873 Jobs — in diverse supplier employees hired
  • $74,183,992 Income Effect — income from wages generated back to the community
  • $8,169,803 Tax Contribution — to federal, state, and local entities from payroll and sales
  • $80,605,172 — Total Economic Impact This insight? Priceless.

Using real data led to more reliable advice and a clearer picture that resonated with executive leadership. Having the right information is always critical to making the soundest decisions. Kelly experts gave exclusive insight to keep the program moving to the next level. It’s why KellyOCG has been an ideal partner for decades: they pay close attention to see client issues holistically—and find the latest approach that best fits with their values and culture.


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