Connecting Recruitment Strategy with Successful Execution


We partnered with an Asia-Pacific financial services company to design a recruitment methodology and support their large-scale people needs.

The challenge

Following a year of over 70% attrition, a financial services company had a critical talent shortage. The company needed to hire more than 2,000 insurance sales representatives in just 15 months.

The solution

Our consulting team developed an effective recruitment methodology, standard operating procedures (SOPs), and other key frameworks and processes.

The result

Our consulting support received immediate positive feedback and the client engaged KellyOCG to execute these recommendations as their recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) partner..

In this unique, ongoing partnership, KellyOCG has provided both strategic and recruitment support – a combination rarely delivered by a single provider. This integrated solution allowed us to effectively solve the client’s talent challenges, deliver quality talent faster, achieve cost savings, and drive value across the business.


2,000+ candidates, infrastructure and processes implemented to support


80% success rate from newly established selection centres


Ability to assess and process 40 candidates per day


30% increase in job application submissions


15% improvement in recruitment cycle time

An insight-driven partnership

Initially, this Indonesian branch of this leading Asia-Pacific financial services company approached KellyOCG as a supplier to help fulfil their hiring needs. However, when they discovered our expert consulting service, they asked our team to assess their current challenges and develop a new recruitment methodology.

Overcoming complex obstacles

 In addition to finding talent who could quickly support their growth, the company needed to address fundamental challenges, including poor hiring decisions, a lack of applicant tracking system, selection challenges, and inconsistent governance. The organisation felt overwhelmed and unsure where to begin.

Recruitment expertise

 We developed a competency framework across all sourcing and recruitment activities, as well as SOPs. We conducted a full job analysis, created formal job descriptions, and established a reverse critical path for hiring. We also designed a selection centre methodology, which allowed the client to assess and screen candidates against their core competencies and hire in bulk for major cities and regional locations.

From insight to action

When our consulting team delivered the final report, the client was so impressed that they immediately engaged us as the company’s recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) partner. This included building infrastructure, rolling out selection centres, expanding sourcing channels, and evaluating the candidate recruitment cycle.

Ongoing support

 During the original project, KellyOCG identified competency and skill gaps in the existing front-line sales leadership population. Our consulting team designed and conducted development centres for 150 Area Business Managers, delivering insights on the development needs of Area Business Managers alongside individual development reports.

Our value


Expert consulting partnership


Proactive recruitment methodology


Large-scale RPO execution

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