Growing services procurement support.


Becoming a trusted services engagement partner, we helped a global technology organization to unlock cost savings and improve visibility and compliance across services spend and supplier engagement in key categories.

The challenge

A long-time MSP client and global technology leader was looking for a partner to manage their global intermediate and tail R&D services spend, allowing their procurement organization more time to focus on strategic suppliers and category strategy. They asked KellyOCG to provide expert support.

The solution

We implemented full category management support and rolled out services management technology to take on full ownership of our client’s non-strategic supplier spend. This cut down the number of suppliers they needed to actively manage, freeing up their internal team and helping them to achieve maximum value from every engagement.

The result

We significantly reduced the administrative burden of the procurement organization while increasing services visibility, reducing costs, and improving compliance across R&D statement of work (SOW) engagements. This led to an expansion of KellyOCG’s solution across multiple categories and suppliers. We now manage $200M in global services spend.

A long and productive talent relationship.

KellyOCG has been working with this client for more than 20 years, initially as a staffing provider, then a master vendor, and, for the last decade, as an MSP provider. When their procurement team needed added support on R&D category services spend and management, they turned to our experienced team. We implemented a customized services procurement solution powered by industry-leading technology. The results from this initial engagement were so positive that we expanded our program across multiple countries and categories. Over the last 4 years, our services engagement solution has continued to evolve and deliver impressive outcomes.

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KellyOCG oversees $200M in services spend across 12+ countries.

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Management and administration of all supplier relationships.

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Providing detailed analytics and services spend insights.

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Demand management advice and support.

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RFX savings up 46% year-on-year.

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Spend under management continues to grow 28% year-on-year.

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29% increase in savings year-over-year with $12M savings in 2020.

Our value


End-to-end services and category management support.


Delivering cost savings and identifying missed savings opportunities.


Strategic demand management.


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