Specialized IT recruiting needs present a unique opportunity at higher education client.


Recruiting for specialized IT certifications and roles: CompTIA A+, Digital Marketing, A+ Net+

The challenge: Specialized IT roles present recruiting challenges.

Our higher education client offers remote IT certifications and degrees. They need to increase their online adjunct instructor bench by ten times in the coming year:

  • The client had narrow recruiting scope. Per institutional accreditation requirements, all online adjunct instructors must reside in the state of California.
  • Specialized roles with specific IT certification requirements proved challenging to recruiters.
  • Typically, IT professionals with the required specified certifications are already employed full-time. Adjunct instructor roles are part-time and require additional training to teach online.

In short, a narrow recruiting scope and specialized certifications all needed to be addressed.

The solution: Recruiter-on-Demand solution focused on top-of-funnel metrics.

Recruiting team implemented a customized process to yield results:

  • Implemented daily activity tracker to track metrics and conversion rates between stages.
  • Utilized active marketing across the state, targeting talent previously unreached through normal higher education recruiting channels.
  • Built a customized recruiting plan for the institution to focus on specialized required IT certifications.
  • High-touch service and consistent communication with the client to continuously refine and narrow talent search criteria.

KellyOCG® continues to provide continuous business insights and meaningful benchmarking to ensure our client stays competitive.

The value: Incredible results enjoyed across the board.

Positive results all around have led to a successful client relationship: 

  • 10 adjunct instructors have been hired to date.
  • The candidate pool remains full, with candidates consistently presented to the institution’s talent acquisition team.
  • Anticipate another 10-15 hires within the next few months.

The client is so pleased that they continue to rely on our recruiting team to supplement their internal HR and Talent Acquisition teams.





growth year over year.


employee retention.


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