Deb is a bold, strategic leader who oversees our large portfolio of global MSP programs, Direct Sourcing and Executive Coaching and Development business. She supports industry-leading organizations across multiple sectors, engaging with clients to build broad, collaborative relationships that deliver exceptional program value.

Deb got her professional start in the Detroit automotive industry with a degree in marketing. After 20 years of experience in product marketing, corporate communications, supply chain management, business development, and client relationship management—she first experienced working with Kelly® as a customer. And that experience as a talent consumer gives her a unique perspective on client challenges, while her diverse background has provided a strong foundation for a successful global staffing career.

Deb enjoys working with others to help them succeed. A transparent and honest leader, she is never afraid to roll up her sleeves and help solve an issue. This approach reflects her fearless attitude towards innovation, as she is always searching for smarter ways to deliver value and overcome obstacles.