Pete Hamilton

Pete Hamilton

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Pete Hamilton is vice president and regional director of KellyOCG® in APAC, a leading global advisor that connects companies with diverse and talented people to fuel and grow their business.

A life-long learner, Pete has extensive education and professional credentials. His education combined with more than 20 years of industry experience, equips Pete with practical, applicable, and real-world knowledge to advise clients on how to align their talent and business strategies. 

He is on the board of directors for the World Employment Confederation, representing the employment industry at the global level. Pete also serves on the board of directors of Kelly’s key joint venture in Asia Pacific, PERSOLKELLY, one of the largest workforce solutions providers in the region.

Pete is passionate about the future of work. He understands that the way talent wants to work, and how organizations engage talent has fundamentally changed. He is a recognized industry expert who has led many thought leadership sessions and presented at key industry events.