As Vice President leading MSP programs across EMEA, Paula brings a wealth of experience to the table. She has managed large teams globally, delivering top-tier MSP, RPO, and SOW programs. Her operational expertise spans program implementations, divestitures, and project management focused on new savings initiatives and legislation compliance.

Paula actively participates in various projects and steering committees dedicated to process excellence. With 27 years in the recruitment industry, her journey includes working at Kelly from 1999 to 2004 before gaining experience at other organizations within the staffing industry. After transitioning to a leadership role specializing in quality, learning, and development, Paula rejoined KellyOCG in 2014.

Known for her solution-driven mindset and consultative approach, Paula excels in high-level relationship building, has excellent presentation and delivery skills, and is always excited by new challenges. Her qualifications include the SIA Contingent Workforce Professional Certificate and a BA Hons in Business Administration.

Paula lives in Brighton, East Sussex, UK, with her husband Oli, teenage children Dixie and Rex, and their dog Hettie. Outside of work, she loves to travel and is always planning trips and social events for family and friends.