A hybrid model makes big improvements at a higher education client.


"Trustworthy, industry knowledge, consultative with VMS technology, implementation expertise, and a high-touch, scalable model." --The client on why KellyOCG® was selected

The challenge: Lack of visibility leads to frustration.

Our higher education client had two manually managed programs that needed a complete transformation:

  • They had no clear visibility to overall contingent labor headcount and spend with minimal governance overseeing compliance and req approval process.
  • Client hiring managers were frustrated with lack of response time and poor service delivery.
  • Campus events resulted in high turnover, no-shows, and unprofessional workers. The vendors were unreliable and not fully committed, causing frustration and a lack of staff.

In short, cycle time, turnover issues, and unleveraged cost savings all needed to be addressed.

The solution: Program streamlines processes and cuts turnover.

Within 90 days, KellyOCG completely transformed the business model to a high-touch, scalable solution.

  • The business has grown 100% since initial implementation.
  • A hybrid model that included non-clinical and clinical in a tiered supplier approach was implemented.
  • A complete revamp of event staffing included a market rate analysis and built a recruitment plan that contained forecasting and implementing a check-in, lead, and back-up process. This resulted in a decrease in turnover from more than 50% to less then 10%.
  • High-touch service delivery is now streamlined through processes, with a single MSP, and a governance matrix to help support escalated needs and business expansion.

KellyOCG continues to provide continuous business insights and meaningful benchmarking to ensure our client stays competitive.

The value: Incredible results enjoyed across the board.

Positive results all around have led to a contract extension.

  • 71.1 Net Promoter Score
  • $600K annual savings was seen through DT/OT reduction, tenure discount, market savings, and rogue spend transition.
  • 30% supplier diversity (non-clinical spend).

The client is so pleased that the contract continues to be extended without competitive bidding.



Net Promotor Score.


annual savings.


supplier diversity.


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