Accelerating RPO support.


Talent acquisition support during the pandemic and beyond. We partnered with a global logistics business during a challenging period, providing fast, scalable access to talent.

The challenge

During the pandemic, a global logistics business was experiencing huge spikes in demand due to backlogs at transport hubs and seasonal pressure. The organization needed to quickly increase its workforce while overcoming an industry-wide talent shortage

The solution

KellyOCG created a quick-to-deploy recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) solution that we rolled out in just 7 days. Our team initiated a targeted marketing campaign to help the organization fill roles fast and support immediate and seasonal hiring needs.

The result

We were able to successfully engage the talent the client needed, tripling our resources over 6 weeks to support their changing needs. Two thousand eight hundred and fifty seven offers were extended to candidates during the lifetime of the project.

Developing a new talent partnership.

This organization came to us in early 2020 to provide support during a worldwide spike in demand for logistics services. They were experiencing an influx of cargo at their North American transport hubs due to backlogs in global shipping caused by Covid-19 alongside seasonal increases and heavy consumer demand. They were looking for an experienced talent partner to help them to engage hard-to-source warehouse and courier talent.

We moved quickly, using market intelligence reporting and a robust marketing campaign to target the candidates they needed. We provided an immediate impact, expanding our remit and growing our team significantly during the project.

Not only did we provide speedy access to talent, but we also consulted on process efficiencies and expanded availability of talent data, helping the business to accurately visualize their talent needs.

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2,857 candidate offers extended.

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Fast screening and interview process (2.6 days average) to keep candidates engaged in the hiring process.

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Increased candidate flow by more than 100% through a robust sourcing and marketing strategy.

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Introduced weekly tracking reports and monthly reviews.

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Tripled KellyOCG team sizein 6 weeks.

More than seasonal support.

We helped this client to navigate hiring challenges prompted by the global pandemic and supported them through seasonal peaks in demand. But as our partnership grew, we provided increased consultative support – updating job descriptions and screening documents and creating and enhancing tracking reports. We moved quickly to keep candidates engaged, with efficient processes enabling us to source, screen, and interview candidates in an average cycle time of just 2.6 days.

Scalability and speed.

Our client’s business was both navigating an unpredictable global landscape and juggling hard-to-predict talent requirements. We flexed with them, always matching their pace and scaling quickly to meet their growing needs. After early success, they expanded our remit across a greater range of skilled roles and we added to our team to meet this increased demand. Our team size tripled in the first 6 weeks of the engagement.

Providing visibility through data.

One of our client’s key challenges was access to accurate reporting data. We worked with them to identify the metrics that mattered to them, increasing visibility across the board, and leveraging their existing applicant tracking system (ATS) to generate greater insights. This focus on analytics helped them see their current talent more clearly and to start to predict future demand.

An ongoing partnership.

Although this was a fixed-term project, the organization asked KellyOCG to provide further seasonal RPO services in 2021. This engagement is underway, and we are talking to other areas of the business about extending our support further. This partnership has grown quickly and feedback from the organization is excellent. We have worked closely with stakeholders at every level of the business, from recruiters to senior leaders to grow trust and add meaningful value. We are proud of the consultative partnership we have created, particularly during such a challenging time, and we are confident that this relationship will continue to evolve.


Fast and scalable support.


Increased workforce visibility.


Highlighted and implemented process efficiencies.


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