An approach for better diverse talent recruiting.


A real partner listens. Take your diverse recruiting to the next level. A life sciences leader discovers a more intentional, engaging way to recruit.

The challenge

A global leader in life sciences was looking for ways to refine its overall diverse recruiting activity. The company needed a novel approach to help reach its goal of 30% diverse talent in full-time roles across all locations.

The solution

First, KellyOCG® listened intently. Knowing the client’s business, they tapped deep expertise in both talent and market trends to recommend a series of unique recruiting tools, tactics, and resources.

The result

The KellyOCG team completed a key executive search to illustrate the strength of their new approach. The client found new and different ways to be more intentional, strategic, and engaging to candidates.

Not sure what’s next? Ask the talent and industry experts.

A global leader in life sciences wasn’t sure how to best move forward with its overall diverse recruiting strategy. They asked KellyOCG to consult for a new approach that could improve results across the company’s various locations. Their goal was to measure 30% in diverse talent for its full-time workforce.

Data is always limited for diversity because it’s collected on a voluntary basis as workers self-identify. It’s also hard to break down by dimensions such as gender or race. So KellyOCG compared local market demographics to see whether any issues were related to hiring practices, or rather dictated by the local supply of talent.

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Insight for a new sourcing, recruiting, and selection process.

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Sourced a diverse Senior Operational Leader to demonstrate a new approach.

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Discovered more intentional and strategic ways to engage with all candidates in each key market.

Our value


Deep expertise in local talent and market trends.


Transformation of the client’s recruiting process.


Proven approach for engaging more diverse candidates.


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