Compliant, agile payroll solution solves out-of-state workforce concerns at higher ed client.


“Working with KellyOCG® to implement the processes for our out-of-state adjuncts has been great. We truly appreciate the time and commitment that Kelly and their staff have put into this new process. So, far we’ve had great results and having completed one semester we hope to continue with more improvements along the way. THANK YOU!”
--Associate Vice President & CHRO

The challenge: Complying with both local & state requirements.

Our higher education client had an increasing number of out-of-state remote employees causing the following compliance concerns:

  • Tax/business risk
  • Penalties & interest on non-withholding
  • IT security risk
  • Legal risk
  • Reputational risk
  • Practical limitations

Agility and compliance were top priorities for the client and KellyOCG.

The solution: Employer of record/PPO solution.

Within 90 days, KellyOCG completely transformed the business model to a high-touch, scalable outsourced payroll solution, including:

  • 100% compliance with all local & state employment requirements.
  • Increased geographic talent acquisition reach for attracting new employees to the university.
  • Provided flexibility and scalability to support academic and non-academic/exempt and nonexempt positions.
  • High-touch service delivery now streamlined through mutually agreed upon processes aligned under a dedicated account management team that understands semester fluctuations based on student enrollment.

KellyOCG continues to provide continuous business insights and meaningful benchmarking to ensure compliance and governance due to varying state requirements.

The value: Incredible results enjoyed across the board.

Positive results all around have turned the client into a KellyOCG advocate—singing our praises to other colleges and universities.

  • 100% employee transition.
  • 100% compliance.
  • 30% growth year over year.
  • 95% employee retention.
  • Enhanced employee benefit program for qualified exempt employees.
  • Program expansion supporting employees on the payroll in Puerto Rico along with other Kelly® business units.

The client is so pleased with our performance that they have presented along with us at several higher education events and conferences.





growth year over year.


employee retention.


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