Creating a customized RPO solution.


Uncovering hard-to-find maintenance talent.

We partnered with a global automotive company to help them connect with skilled maintenance talent through a tailored RPO solution.

The challenge

A global automotive organization was finding it challenging to access skilled maintenance talent following relocation and internal change.

The solution

We developed a highly targeted RPO solution, including specialized talent pipelines and a reworked assessment process to source and successfully engage specialty talent.

The result

We worked with the client to transform their sourcing and recruitment processes, helping them to drastically cut their ‘no show’ rate and realizing 52 hires in 12 months.

Growing with our client.

We have worked with this client since 2014 across a number of staffing projects, but in 2019 they asked us to support them with an RPO solution for finding and engaging skilled maintenance talent. Following a plant move, they had faced challenges in retaining existing talent and engaging local hires. Their internal team was stretched and they were experiencing high ‘no show’ and failure rates for candidates inside their assessment process. They also wanted to improve diversity levels. We helped the organization to build a strategic plan for sourcing and recruiting skilled maintenance talent, and results have been impressive:

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Quickly developed a pipeline of qualified candidates.

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Decreased ‘no show’ rate from 80% to 15%

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Realized 52 hires in 12 months.

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Reduced client’s in-house team workload.

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Increased diverse candidates across all hiring categories.

Developing a personalized solution.

To deliver the right solution for this global client, it was important for us to get under the skin of this challenge. We spent time onsite and with their internal HR team to make sure we understood their specific talent needs. We combined this information with local and national market analysis to develop a targeted sourcing and recruitment strategy.

Engaging sourcing expertise.

We engaged expert sourcing specialists to build talent pipelines quickly. To increase access to talent in competitive regions, we identified target industries with transferable skills. We also increased the scope of the client’s sourcing channels – including social media and military outlets. We were able to quickly grow a pipeline of qualified candidates, realizing 52 hires in 12 months.

Building on candidate experience.

The client was experiencing a high dropout and failure rate for candidates going through their application and assessment process. We identified ways to improve candidate experience, including reducing the length of the assessment schedule to maintain candidate engagement. Through these changes, we reduced the candidate ‘no show’ rate to 15% (from 80% previously).

Growing diversity.

Our client was passionate about expanding diversity within their skilled maintenance hires. We used market analysis to identify diversity within key fields and regions and actively targeted diverse candidates, exceeding all diversity goals for hiring.

Our value


Delivering customized, high-touch solutions.


Providing unrivaled market expertise.


Able to source and engage hard-to-find talent.


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