Is Insourcing Right For Your Business?


We look inside our partnership with a large communications organisation to find out how a self-managed solution can deliver amazing results.

The challenge

Our client faced some big contingent labour challenges, including:
• Uncontrolled talent demand across the business.
• Poor visibility of talent spend, costs, and supplier margins.
• Inconsistent compliance processes.

Our partnership

The client asked us to come up with a solution that put them in the driving seat – giving them the tools they needed to successfully manage their contingent workforce. A culture of insourcing rather than outsourcing meant that a traditional external MSP was never going to cut it for this organisation. We created a personalised, self-managed solution, built around three key goals:

  • To bring down temporary talent spend by 10%.
  • To develop integrated tools that improved visibility and control.
  • To create a great candidate experience that strengthened their employer brand.

Our outcome

Delivering Success
This program went live in 2020, and we’ve already seen some great results:

The supply base was reduced from 82 supply partners to just 25. Initial savings from rationalising and optimising the supply chain were more than £500k.

We increased talent visibility across the business, helping leaders to access meaningful analytics and insights.

Candidate Experience
We’ve helped our client to develop an authentic and supportive candidate experience to improve candidate engagement at every stage of the hiring journey.

Supply base reduction from

82 to 25

Initial savings of


Supply base reduction from


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