Reimagining contingent workforce solutions


KellyOCG and Beeline empowered a global finance leader to deploy a unique workforce solution designed to deliver compliance, visibility, and cost savings.

The challenge

A global finance leader needed to boost workforce visibility, compliance, and cost savings across a key business unit, but with a contingent workforce spend of $40M spread across 30+ countries, they found traditional MSPs unable to provide the support they needed.

The solution

We worked closely with the extended workforce technology experts at Beeline to create a scalable solution for all geographic regions. The highly customised programme provides visibility and compliance across all locations globally, with a higher touch ‘procure-to-pay’ service in countries with higher spend volumes.

The result

This creative, tailored MSP solution has already delivered increased visibility and cost savings while providing the client with the opportunity to scale the flexible programme in the future.

Doing different to deliver for our client

When this financial services provider went to market for a first-generation contingent workforce solution to support their global business, they quickly hit a stumbling block – many traditional enterprise providers couldn’t deliver an effective MSP (managed service provider) solution with their $40M spend spread across so many different locations. It was thought that a traditional MSP solution would not be commercially viable with such a broad spread of countries in scope.

KellyOCG, in partnership with VMS (vendor management system) provider Beeline, took a more creative approach, building a uniquely tailored solution that would deploy an MSP in the organisation’s two largest countries (the UK and Germany) while providing contingent worker visibility in a further 30 geographies. The vendor-neutral MSP solution was designed to address key business challenges – providing visibility, compliance, and cost savings. But it also offered a robust platform to manage suppliers and valuable insights on program data through the Kelly Helix Analytics portal. The launch of this tailored program meant the client achieved their goal of a centralised approach to contingent workforce management while building a foundation from which to scale contingent worker growth globally, catering to business peaks and troughs.

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On track to achieve 5% cost savings through rate card management in Year 1

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Elimination of rogue spend

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Implementation of optimised supply chain

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Worker visibility increased across 30+ countries

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Worker classification risk mitigated through
compliant engagement of workers

VA creative collaboration

KellyOCG and Beeline came to this process with a shared perspective – we wanted to deliver an exceptional solution that was uniquely shaped to this organisation’s key challenges at a viable price point. We carefully assessed business needs to target technology and support where it was needed most, recognising that 50% of spend was focused in two key countries. Beeline and KellyOCG crafted a nuanced solution that meets the client’s current challenges while offering future flexibility.

Expanding visibility

Our MSP solution operates in two key locations, delivering full procure-to-pay support, including supplier management, order distribution, consolidated invoicing, and detailed analytics. However, the client needed access to critical worker insights in a further 30 countries with much smaller contingent populations. We achieved this global visibility – of contingent and statement of work workers – through resource tracking functionality in Beeline’s extended workforce platform. The insights provided by resource tracking ensure advanced worker visibility and compliance and include key identity-related tasks such as systems access, training, badging, and offboarding. The data collected through resource tracking and the MSP programme acts as a single source of truth on the organisation’s contingent workforce, with our leading benchmarking and analytics portal – Helix Analytics – providing leaders with detailed business and market insights.

Advanced support at every price point

Right from the start, we had great executive buy-in from the C-Suite, which enabled us to really get to know this organisation and design an advanced solution that was the right fit for their unique challenges. Often, workforce solutions that fall outside of enterprise spend levels are ‘one-size-fits-all’. Here, we achieved something very different – offering a highly customised programme, complete with specific integrations. Programme results have already been impressive. Through increasing visibility, introducing a competitive bid process, optimising suppliers, and introducing rate cards, we have eliminated rogue spend and are on track to deliver 5% cost savings in year one. Hiring managers have also enjoyed an improved and simplified user experience through the introduction of a single, streamlined process for worker requests.

Our value


Customised MSP support
at every price point.


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