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Creating complete contingent visibility, we partnered with a leading pharma organization to deliver contingent visibility across their global workforce.

The challenge

A global pharma organization was looking to increase the visibility of its contingent workforce in Japan. They wanted to extend their MSP solution to include this geography.

The solution

KellyOCG® consulted with key stakeholders and advised that the MSP market in Japan was not yet mature enough to support this type of program. We implemented our identity management tool to provide enhanced visibility without the structure of an MSP.

The result

We have delivered full visibility of the organization’s large Japanese contingent workforce, enabling global reporting on contingent workers.

Solving global challenges.

This leading pharma organization is headquartered in Japan and has a significant contingent workforce there. In other parts of the world, KellyOCG supports this client’s contingent community through an MSP program and the organization wanted to extend this solution to Japan. However, the market for MSPs is immature in Japan and there isn’t the infrastructure to support a program of this size or complexity. We consulted with the client to build trust and understanding, developing a different solution using our identity management tool. This provides global reporting without the foundation of an MSP program.

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Full monthly reporting on headcount, suppliers, tenure, and spend.

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Complete global contingent worker visibility.

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Increased access to analytics for procurement, talent acquisition, and HR.

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Tracking hundreds of contingent workers.

Understanding local ways of working.

Our talent experts in Asia Pacific provided consultative advice on the talent solutions market in Japan. Our research showed that an MSP would not function effectively in the current talent environment, so we discussed different ways to deliver worker visibility. Our identity management tool had the powerful analytics to support the detailed reporting the business needed and the functionality to keep track of hundreds of workers effectively. Our client was impressed by the capabilities of this tool and agreed to roll out the solution in Japan.

Tackling tenure and spend.

Our client wanted a clearer view of worker tenure and supplier spend. The reporting we deliver through identity management enables the organization to accurately monitor tenure length and to see where and how workers are deployed. We also break down supplier spend across job titles and business areas, giving our client’s procurement team the data it needs to make informed buying decisions. Contingent labor represents a significant part of the organization’s talent spend and it’s vital they understand how this budget is being utilized.

Building on existing technology.

We deployed this solution quickly and simply, leveraging the VMS tool we use across the client’s existing MSP program. We added a module to this technology to deploy identity management in Japan. Our local team has been invaluable in helping us to understand and engage with cultural and communication differences in this geography to navigate a smooth launch and the continued success of this solution. The client now has full visibility of its contingent workforce across Europe, the US, and Japan.

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