Supporting strategic leadership development.


Empowering a global life sciences company to develop executive talent, we partnered with Pacira Biosciences Inc. to help them develop and retain top leadership talent.

The challenge

Pacira was undergoing rapid growth and recognized the need for further leadership development to retain top talent and prepare for future executive leadership roles.

The solution

The Ayers Group consulted closely with Pacira to understand their needs and developed a comprehensive leadership assessment and development program.

The result

The program has been very successful – several of the leaders who took part have been promoted and we have received excellent feedback from coaching participants and stakeholders.

Focusing on development during intense growth.

Pacira was going through a period of intense growth driven by expansion and acquisition. During this period of change, they identified a need to develop their learning culture and grow their leadership coaching at an executive level to retain top talent. They already had a mid-level leadership program in place and wanted to build a program that actively supported their executives and future executives to sustain ongoing growth. We created a detailed assessment program that enabled us to deliver individual development plans and customized executive coaching. standardising and streamlining recruitment processes. This led to some impressive results:

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Detailed half-day assessment program.

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20+ leaders have gone through the program to date.

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Individual development plans linked to strategic business objectives

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Positive survey feedbackfrom coaching participants.

Talent development work is strategic to the business needs and requires a practical, results-focused approach. Having the right partner to provide expertise in the design and implementation of solutions is critical to success. The Ayers Group provides this impact to Pacira as part of our ongoing partnership.” – Executive Director, Talent Management & Leadership Development

Understanding Pacira leaders.

To deliver the highest quality coaching and development support, we had to truly understand the leaders we would be working with. We created a customized half-day assessment course that combined psychometric assessments, role play, inbox simulation, structured interviews, skills assessments, and innovation exercises. We then analyzed all of this data to deliver individual development plans that identified strengths and areas for development linked to the strategic objectives of the business.

Personalized executive coaching.

We used the individual development plans and internal 360° feedback to align ongoing executive coaching to key objectives and development priorities. The Ayers Group is home to highly experienced coaches, and we match every leader we support with a coach who is a strong fit for their unique needs. Our coaches worked closely with leaders to put their development plans into action and to identify and overcome personal and situational barriers to success.

Growing our strategic relationship.

This ongoing program has enjoyed great success. Several leaders have already been promoted and we have received extremely positive survey feedback. We are now overseeing our third cohort of leaders as a trusted strategic partner to Pacira. We have also expanded our support to employee engagement surveys, communications and EQ (emotional intelligence) workshops, and HR strategy planning sessions focused on HR trends.

Our value


Consultative and holistic approach.


Personalized leadership development.


Deep talent development and coaching expertise.


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