Transforming access to external expertise


Making independent and services workers visible, we expanded a global MSP program to include services workers and independent contractors.

The challenge

A global healthcare organization (and existing MSP partner) had limited visibility of services spend and was concerned about compliance and cost control across their independent contractor and services supplier communities.

The solution

KellyOCG expanded an existing global MSP program to include services suppliers and independent contractors, rolling out rigorous worker classification, cost management, and supplier performance management.

The result

We oversee over $650M in services engagements globally and have delivered impressive visibility, cost savings, and compliance improvements to ensure our client receives great value from every engagement.

Evolving a successful relationship.

We helped to build one of the first customized and technology-driven services procurement solutions to meet this client’s needs over a decade ago, and we are still innovating to support their evolving goals.

These are just some of the impressive results our team has delivered:


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Visibility across $650M in spend under management.


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Global implementation of easy-to-use services procurement technology and processes.


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10% cost reduction from proper worker classification.


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Built and implemented comprehensive supplier compliance policies.

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15% cost savings from rate card negotiations.


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Boosted supplier performance visibility.

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10% cost savings from competitive bidding.


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Recognized by Everest Group as “among the top 1% most comprehensive contingent labor management arrangements in the world.”

Making the invisible, visible.

The organization’s internal procurement team was looking for support with small to medium-sized service engagements. Their existing systems provided only high-level visibility and they were concerned about supplier and independent contractor compliance with minimum controls in place. It was also unclear whether workers were being classified correctly, and if they were optimizing all savings opportunities from their services engagements. We leveraged our internal expertise and industry-leading technology to develop a solution that helped them to see further, ensure worker classification compliance, control services spend, and drive supply base optimization.

Building on existing processes.

We shaped this services procurement solution around the organization’s existing buying processes. We used this structure to inform best practices and utilization of technology while ensuring that new ways of working would still encourage efficient buying processes and adherence to policy requirements. By molding this solution seamlessly around existing frameworks, we were able to deliver a user-friendly solution that was both effective and intuitive.

Creating consistency.

One of our client’s key challenges was a lack of consistency in how independent contractors and suppliers were being engaged across the business. We created standardized statements of work (SOWs), put processes in place to engage suppliers through fair and value-driven terms, and created a formalized supplier management program to closely monitor and support supplier performance using scorecarding and formal supplier development. These changes continue to ensure services are delivered, on-time, on budget, and compliantly.

Delivering cost savings.

We are always looking for new opportunities to drive cost savings. Our dedicated team guide managers to the most effective buying channel and monitor spend throughout the lifecycle of an engagement, using technology to ensure any increases are reviewed and approved if appropriate. We are also consistently monitoring market rates, negotiating supplier renewals, benchmarking costs for new requests, developing pre-negotiated rate cards, and overseeing competitive bidding. Ensuring that workers are consistently classified correctly is another way that we deliver meaningful cost savings for our client.

Our value


Customized and seamless support.


Creating workforce visibility.


Delivering impressive cost savings.


Global guided spend management support


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