Unlocking the human cloud – a pioneering partnership with Vicoland


Becky Lawrence

Product Development Strategist, KellyX Digital Innovation Lab, Digital Transformation Group

At KellyOCG, we’re on a mission to simplify the talent buying and management journey – it’s why we developed our one-stop talent portal, Helix UX. Now, we’re unlocking the power of the human cloud by including this offering as a feature within Helix UX. We’ve teamed up with freelance experts Vicoland to provide organizations with cost-effective access to teams of independent experts, exclusively through Helix UX.

The human cloud is home to a growing skills pool and, in a talent-short market, it’s impossible to ignore the breadth of independent talent out there. According to career advice website Zety, there are now around 59 million gig workers in the US – a staggering 36% of the total workforce.

Despite this explosion of independent workers, many organizations still feel wary of engaging talent through the human cloud. Some find it challenging to manage and classify human cloud spend, which can often be identified as rogue spend within an existing program. Others are unsure how to reliably identify projects best suited to cloud-based talent.

We’re opening up access to the human cloud in a way that puts our clients’ needs and challenges front and center – that’s why we chose to collaborate with freelance experts, Vicoland.

The power of partnership

In a changeable economic climate, many organizations are facing big workforce challenges, and we believe there is huge power in pooling expertise to provide a better experience for customers. Our partnership with Vicoland is opening up a seamless human cloud experience for our clients – providing them with a framework to safely and effectively engage independent talent.

When should you choose the human cloud?

It sounds like a simple question, but it can be difficult for hiring managers to know whether the human cloud is a better choice than engaging a service provider or contingent worker. To make an informed choice, it’s important to think about the type of skills needed, alongside the scale and the scope of a project. Through Helix UX’s guided, easy-to-follow process, we empower hiring managers to confidently identify those opportunities where human cloud teams can make the most impact, while enabling easy access to expert teams through Vicoland.

Staying compliant in the cloud

Hiring managers sometimes feel nervous about the human cloud, often unsure how talent spend will be classified or how to track or vet workers effectively. By choosing to access the cloud through Helix UX, hiring managers can relax knowing that reporting and invoicing is being taken care of by KellyOCG experts. We can also provide IC compliance checks for added peace of mind.

Can you afford to ignore human cloud talent?

We believe that no business can afford to ignore human cloud talent – it’s where many of the most talented workers sit, and, in a competitive marketplace, organizations have to meet talented workers where they are. That’s why we’re so excited to share this new functionality with our Helix UX customers. Access to Vicoland’s expert freelance teams is already available through Helix UX, and we’re now exploring partnerships with other providers to enable individual human cloud talent engagement across expanded project categories.

Want to find out how Helix UX can empower your hiring managers to make smarter decisions – in the human cloud and beyond? Let’s talk.


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