What’s next for Helix UX?: Our mission to simplify talent management


Becky Lawrence

Product Development Strategist, KellyX Digital Innovation Lab, Digital Transformation Group

It’s been a year since we launched Helix UX – a powerful portal that enables organizations to engage and manage all their talent in one place. Now, 12 months from launch, we reflect on our journey so far and share the updates and insights that will shape Helix through 2022 and beyond.

We’re on a mission to make accessing talent simpler, and our easy-to-use portal is supported by a team of talent and tech experts who are always looking for new ways to make life easier for hiring managers and businesses. From improving access to all types of talent to refining reporting capabilities, and opening up access to the human cloud, Helix UX hasn’t stood still since it went live in 2021.

What is Helix UX?

Helix UX is a one-stop portal that gives businesses access to all the talent they need in a single platform. It provides full visibility across an organization’s third-party workforce, ensuring that leaders and hiring managers can access the information – and people – they need in just a few clicks. Here, users can make and monitor work requests, input inquiries, access live support, and explore detailed analytics. What’s more, Helix UX is completely customized to a company’s needs – meaning that every iteration of Helix is unique to the organization it serves.

What’s new with Helix UX?

Since launch, our team has worked hard to ensure Helix evolves to meet the needs of a world of work that’s changing fast. Here are some of the biggest updates from the previous year, alongside future enhancements to have on your radar.

Refining the hiring manager journey

Making life easier for hiring managers is not only good for hiring managers – it’s great for business, enabling a company to ensure it’s sourcing the right workers at the right time and monitoring them effectively. We’ve refined and enhanced our inquiry management application, empowering the PMO to quickly triage and respond to requests for support. While our work request guidance tool deliver seamless experiences, enabling hiring managers to make smarter talent decisions through an easy-to-use interface. We’ve also joined up different technologies and systems to reduce form filling and the need to jump from application to application. Automation remains a key focus as we expand our network of connecting systems and Helix UX functionality.

Turbocharging analytics

When you unlock true workforce visibility, businesses can make smarter decisions about their talent needs and budgets. We’re incredibly proud of the customized, self-generated analytics available inside the Helix UX portal, and we’re constantly adding new ways for our clients to access detailed reporting across every part of the talent journey. We’re strengthening and increasing this functionality, and our powerful Helix Analytics tool will soon replace our existing Talent Supply Chain Analytics portal.

Ever-expanding functionality

When we say all your talent needs in one place, we mean it. We not only help organizations to access contingent talent but also services procurement engagements – including both direct SOW and bidding activities. Our focus is always, ‘How can we make this process easier/faster/simpler/smarter for hiring managers and businesses?’ We’ve added direct access to applicant tracking systems through an on-page link or simple form, and we’re increasing automation behind the scenes to make this process even easier. Right now, we’re also reimagining our integrated IDM tool to enhance functionality and make it easier for companies to ensure the right people have access to the systems, tools, and buildings they need to get the job done.

Opening up the human cloud

Our new partnership with Vicoland will soon enable businesses to identify when a human-cloud-based team is the right fit for their talent needs and allow them to access this virtual team easily. We’ve created a streamlined, simple human cloud process that means organizations can access talent platforms that don’t interface within a VMS system, and sees Kelly take care of consolidated invoicing. And we’re already exploring enhancements that will allow individual human cloud talent engagement across expanded project categories.

Where do we go from here?

When it comes to Helix UX, we’re not done yet. KellyOCG is on an ever-evolving mission to create the simplest, most powerful, most user-friendly talent management and engagement portal around. We continue to do this by listening carefully to our clients, investing in tech, engaging with pioneering partners, and building a team of innovative talent experts. Keep watching this space for more exciting Helix UX updates.

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