Supporting New Remote Workforce Solutions Around the World

Supporting New Remote Workforce Solutions Around the World

By Amelia Seraiah Director, Global Solutions, KellyOCG

We take a closer look at the ways life sciences and healthcare organizations around the globe are adapting to the current Covid-19 crisis through virtual solutions.

In just a few weeks, the global pandemic caused by Covid-19 has transformed the way we live and work. Around a third of the global population are under lockdown as we all adapt to a new normal. Many of us are now at home, socializing and working remotely as we change our way of life to protect our communities. However, for healthcare and life sciences organizations, now is a time of intense pressure as they rush to provide life-saving services and products. Many of their staff are on the front line, working to treat those who are confirmed Covid-19 patients. Their manufacturing plants are producing the materials needed to deliver critical personal protective equipment (PPE), while scientists and researchers are actively working to find treatments and develop vaccines. Simply stated, these organizations are on the front line of this crisis and their work has never been more important.

Keeping their operations running and thriving through this new normal is essential in the fight against the global pandemic, and this means developing and delivering remote solutions to ensure this critical work gets done. Today, I want to explore changing attitudes towards remote work and take a closer look at the remote talent solutions that can help life sciences and healthcare organizations to play their vital part in the response to the ongoing pandemic.

A Shift to Remote Working Worldwide

This shift towards virtual working is something we are seeing across every industry and sector around the world, with many healthcare companies taking huge steps to protect their staff. Highmark Health in Pittsburgh, a not-for-profit healthcare company, sent 8,000 customer-service, IT, and logistical employees home last month, quickly purchasing a further 3,000 laptops to allow critical support staff to telecommute. Signature Healthcare is another organization that is proactively responding to Covid-19, implementing a range of detailed protocols to support the health of residents, staff, and stakeholders. While Norton Healthcare has introduced a pioneering virtual hospital to protect frontline staff and patients. This type of rapid response to a changing global landscape is invaluable, but this is not a new idea. Prior to the current crisis, we were seeing an influx of companies who solely work remotely. However, the worldwide pandemic may be a catalyst for more healthcare and life-science-specific organizations to re-examine their remote capabilities.   

The Way We Think About Remote Jobs Is Changing

The scope of remote work is expanding fast and this is impacting every industry and sector. As I mentioned in my last blog, Telehealth: Is the Future of Healthcare Virtual?, healthcare is an example of an industry that was traditionally thought of as face-to-face but is quickly evolving to include telehealth technologies, particularly as it relates to managing pandemics. Other fields that are going through remote work transformations include clinical research, IT, customer service, education, sales, and finance. As Sarah Sutton, founder and CEO of FlexJobs, explains:

“The most notable change we’ve seen over the past year is not so much the growth in the sheer volume of remote job listings, but the growth in the variety of remote job titles these companies are seeking to hire.”  

Remote working is no longer reserved for the tech sector or a narrow set of job types. As we navigate our way through the global crisis, our reliance on remote working and remote solutions is growing. We are already seeing the pandemic has accelerate the move towards remote workforce solutions.

Remote Workforce Solutions are More Vital than Ever

From virtual call centers to increased access to the human cloud, being able to tap into remote talent pools at lightning speed while also ensuring the correct systems and processes are in place for remote workers to ‘get the job done’ is now mission critical. We are currently working with clients all over the world to ensure they can access the remote and in-person talent they need across every area of staffing, including contract, contract-to-hire, and direct-hire permanent roles. We are working with industry-leading pharma companies to remotely recruit urgent talent to produce PPE and vital adhesives for use in Covid-19 testing kits. We are also providing clients with access to the wide spectrum of talent available in the human cloud. From scientists to finance professionals, it takes a whole community of specialists to keep a life sciences or healthcare organization thriving, and much of that talent is now available remotely. Payroll, HR, talent attraction and recruitment, IT support – there is a huge list of vital business functions that can successfully be taken online.

Remote work is both valuable and viable. Now more than ever, it’s vital that organizations have the talent and remote workforce solutions in place they need to succeed. In the current Covid-19 world, this may mean implementing change quickly, but harnessing and embracing remote capabilities has never been more important to these critical organizations and the people they support.


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