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Change is a part of work. But big changes can create complex challenges for organizations. Our career transition services help your people to navigate activity from mergers and acquisitions, downsizing, or outplacement. We support the next steps for team members who are exiting your business or taking on new roles. And we know that transformation can be tough—so we’re committed to acting with compassion and understanding at every stage of the process.

We also provide organizational and leadership support that can allow your people to hone their skills and experiences. Our executive leadership coaching and leader assessment services provide your leaders with the tools they need to succeed in an evolving world of work. Our solutions for team building and organizational development help your teams to work together more effectively.

Our executive coaching services include:

  • Leader assimilation services
  • 360º feedback debriefing
  • Leader assessment
  • Learning and development
  • Organization development
  • Coaching on demand – performance management
  • Leadership team building and development
Why Kelly


we have the industry’s best ratio of outplacement career coaches to participants

2.73 months

we have the industry’s fastest average time to re-employment


satisfaction guaranteed

FAQs about Career Transitioning & Executive Coaching

What is leader assimilation?

Executives who take on new positions today find their honeymoons quickly end. Expectations for reaching goals and objectives are high, yet the timeframe for achieving those results is narrowing.

It’s reported that 40% of new leaders fail in their first 18 months. This reality is painful and expensive for the leaders, their teams, and the company. We help newly transitioned leaders to become quickly oriented in a new role.

What makes your outplacement services different?

- Participant-centered from start to finish
- Global coverage provided through the best local market leaders
- Personalized programs aligned with your needs
- Highly responsive, dedicated local account managers
- Certified career coaches with the industry’s best coach-to-participant ratio
- Comprehensive, mobile-friendly participant tools—accessible anytime, anywhere, on any device
-The industry’s fastest program time to re-employment
-The industry’s best service for receiving job offers at equal or greater compensation
-The industry’s highest satisfaction rating


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